Welcome to AiTattoo.ca

The best Canadian tattoo design site. Period.

Our Artists are equipped with hands-on Artificial Intelligence to create unique, one of a kind body art designs. Yours.

~ A quick About Us ~

Just re-thinking the tattoo design process.

Ai power!

Trained to understand skin, then given the ability to draw, our pet Ai is waiting to create incredible body art. Mural? Calf? Smaller? We got you covered ~ Literally! with images generally 12 square inches.

Impossible. Possible

The perfect atom splitting of skill ~ Ai for creating incredible dreams and your parlour for making it a beautiful reality. Time saved on designing a huge unique piece can now be put towards the inking and healing process.

Backed by an Inventor

A one man army bringing vast skill to the company, roadblocks seem to have just become simple anthills during our short launch window. We are happy to enlist the help of a creative mind long in the buisness of supporting companies.

How everything works.

Here in Canada we like to keep things simple.


Browse the gallery to get a few inspirations. Think of a rough idea, click the shop and select your package. Submit the idea. Done. No really!

In-house office work

A human graphic designer processes your order, then customers are contacted with the final designs, payment details as well as ink shop support material.

Ink Parlours

A delighted customer brings in the unique design, picks a spot on their body and you deploy skill. Happiness ensues.


Healing is very important - We push for proper aftercare! By reducing our designing prices it allows you more budget for inking, creams and lotions. Keeping your new tattoo fresh for decades.

Custom. Unique. Yours

Once the design is purchased, it's deleted from our Ai's memory to never be used again. We really mean it when we say yours means yours!

Start Small Think Big

We want to (eventually) expand across Canada to large physical locations and hire tattoo artists directly to ink in-house! Your design purchases help fund larger ideas and expansion of the company.
Thank you for helping our Canadian startup grow. =)

Coming soon!

For any questions please email: info@aitattoo.ca